Acceptance of Degree/Legal Authority

The Open University International Online’ operates as a private non-traditional degree granting institution. Our students/graduates are among the highest caliber and most effective individuals you will find anywhere. They, and their Open University International Online’ degrees, are equal to their counterparts anywhere in the world.

As the Open University International Online’ is international in scope, our graduates may be found in any state, province or country functioning in many aspects of education, research, human development, business, government and health care.

In the spring of 1995, the Open University International Online’, in conjunction with a Japanese legal firm, opened a campus in Tokyo. Our Tokyo office offers only instruction in the field of business. We at the Open University International Online’ (USA) and the Open University International Online’ (Japan) had to undergo the closest scrutiny by the Japanese Government. The result? After extensive investigation, our school was granted full approval by the government to advertise and conduct business. Also, as a prerequisite, our MBA program materials (offered via correspondence) had to be fully approved by the Japanese government.

The Open University International Online’ has had only positive comments from graduates who have sought and attained positions with their degrees. As mentioned, most employers are concerned with you and not a piece of paper...regardless of where it comes from. To date, our graduates have never been "looked down upon" or discriminated against because of the non-traditional nature of their degree.

The directors of the Open University International Online’ are, by charter, fully authorized to conduct our educational and charitable activities for the purposes of which our Church and School were founded. The Open University International Online’ awards its degrees after evaluation/instruction has taken place, a s per authority of the directors of our corporation and church. Our "Non-traditional" degrees issued only after instruction/evaluation has taken place are hereby legal degrees and are equal to any similar non-traditional degree issued anywhere in the world.