Regarding Open University International Online Accreditation:

Our non-traditional, online, distance education university degree programs are comprehensive yet individualized; the nexus of which is primarily focused upon discovering, assessing, augmenting and documenting: knowledge, life experiences and specialized career skills and other areas of expertise. We're sure that you will be; as so many others, completely satisfied with the quality of positive interaction, co-operation and expedience in earning your degree which you will discover at the Open University International Online. In fact unlike most colleges or universities, we guarantee this.

In the United States, accreditation is used to assure quality in schools or educational institutions and programs. It should be noted that accreditation is a voluntary, non-governmental process of review and evaluation. In Europe the government is intimately connected with every school through the relationship of the official Ministry of Education which works with and represents every school. This above mentioned U.S. accreditation process is not relevant in European nations. (Both Eastern and Western) The idea of accreditation is not germane to institutions of higher learning in places of the world which have in place their own “Ministry of Education”. The MOE renders this whole point ‘moot’ or non-existent because of the participation and support provided by the Ministry for the educational process of the sovereign nation in question. Because of this, Open University International Online and its graduates or degree holders experience a universally high acceptance rate worldwide among.

Open University International Online participates in the ‘Hague Convention Provision and Process’ of international acceptance, co-operation and validation. The Hague convention Apostille (official Govt. attestation or verification) is provided free of charge to all graduates. The Apostille proves the validity of your degree and is directed to the government of your choice.

Without doubt, many of our students/graduates are among the highest caliber, most intelligent, talented, best-educated and most effective individuals you will find anywhere. Our graduates, and their OUI degrees, are equal to their counterparts from more traditional schools anywhere in the world