Recap of Procedure

  • 1. Enroll. Fill out the Application For Admission, and send it to the address on the application along with a check or money order for $50.00 (non-refundable application/enrollment fee). Also, if you have one available, send a resume or vita (a brief autobiographical sketch of yourself), or simply send a short note telling us a little about your life and education.
  • 2. Later, upon acceptance, you'll document your knowledge, abilities, experiences, education, etc. on the L.E.A.P. form we'll send. This will tell us how many credits you may initially be awarded. Remember, you can earn up to 20 credits by completing this form.

Probably the only two reasons for not being accepted to the Open University International Online’ would be:

a.) The available openings for the program you have requested are full. If so, this will probably be a temporary condition and you will be notified as to when a new program or Faculty Instruction Coordinator will be available.
b.) You may lack the appropriate qualifications for our institution. For example, if we feel your needs would be best served by a more traditional school, this will be discussed with you by one of our academic advisors.

  • 3. Send in your L.E.A.P. form with your tuition payment in full, or your down payment of $100.00.
  • 4. Complete your "Commensurate Ability Project" (C.A.P.)
  • 5. Work with your "Faculty Instruction Coordinator" to aid in constructing your narrative transcript.
  • 6. Graduate (only upon payment in full of tuition, at which time you will receive your diploma and copy of your transcript.