Tuition Payment Policy

The Open University International Online offers two payment plans. These plans are truly extraordinary and were pioneered by the Open University International Online’ in an effort to make a college degree financially available to everyone.

1. Full payment in advance. This is the most economical plan available. When you prepay your tuition at the beginning of your degree program, you may deduct an additional 10% from the total price of your program.

And, introducing another unique service created and offered exclusively by Open University International Online’...

2. Open University International Online’ Guaranteed Student Loan Program. Simply make a $100.00 deposit on your tuition, and then continue to make regular monthly minimum payments of $199.50 per month. In order to reach the most people and therefore do the most good, the Open University International Online’ has a very liberal program in which there is never any interest charged if your monthly payments are made on time.

Please note: Scholarships may be available to those students able to demonstrate proof of financial need. For information, please send an email to: Please mark this correspondence, "Attention Scholarship Fund."